AugustaK9Trails Bringing hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness programs, and trail adventures to your canines in Augusta County and surrounding areas.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy for canines is a form of therapeutic exercise carried out in warm water. We offer a hydrotherapy pool that will allow the buoyancy and resistance to improve physiological function. The effects of water allow re-mobilization of joints which may not be possible when weight bearing out of water. This form of therapy is excellent for dogs that have arthritic pain, weakness, or neurological disabilities or dogs that just love water and/or need a challenge in muscle strengthening and weight loss. Hydrotherapy can also increase cardiovascular training, reduce edema, swelling and discomfort.

Canine Rehabilitation Services Offered

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Physioball exercises, used to regain proprioception and balance

  • Cavaletti poles and obstacle courses – working to increase range of motion, challenge proprioception, and help strengthen different muscle groups

  • Land treadmill

  • Range of motion and massage

  • Cold and heat therapy

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

*All post-operative, post-injury, and geriatric patients require a Veterinarian referral.
*We recommend all owners consult with their Veterinarian before beginning a hydrotherapy program.
*Felines need rehabilitation too! If your friendly feline needs rehabilitation, We would be happy to work with them. 

A little about our pools:
Heated to 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit  | Swim jets to increase effort or for neurological input  | External and internal access platforms with anti-slip surface
We offer 2 pool rooms:  Large Pool 28 x 10 feet | Small Pool 16 x 10 feet

Fitness and Fun Services Offered

    • Fitness Swims 

    • For mobility issues, muscle strengthening and weight control​

    • Fun Swims

    • Puppy Swims, introducing your puppy to a positive safe environment

What Clients Say


Amanda has been awesome with Loki. When our pup broke her leg, Heather and I knew it would be a long road. What we didn’t know is that when the splint was removed, Loki wouldn’t know how to use her back leg anymore. With Amanda’s help Loki is back to normal. We are so happy with how she took care of Loki

Kevin B.

Amanda, you are wonderful! It was a joy to watch you work with my dog, Macy, in the swimming pool. You put her at ease, which helped her realize she was actually having fun!

Leigh G.

Your love of dogs and the way you relate to them is excellent. You made both Max and me feel comfortable. I think he liked swimming!

Julie P.

Trail Adventures

The goal of our k9 Trail Adventures is to provide your pet with additional exercise. Trail adventures are a natural and enjoyable way for your dog to stay fit. Trail adventures are also an excellent means of prevention for several physical and behavioral disorders. The best part is that your pet will benefit from increased endurance, range of motion, improved circulation and obesity control.

Service Offered:

    • Morning adventures, currently offered 2-3 days per week. Please contact us for availability
    • Pickup and drop-off services only. Offered within Staunton city limits. Travel outside of Staunton will be additional per mile (call for more information)
    • 60-90 minute adventures
    • Rain or shine: postponement may be deemed due to unsafe travel conditions
    • Your pet will get dirty. We will do our best to clean your pet and return in a tidy fashion
    • Only non-aggressive dogs (towards both people and other dogs)
    • Minimum age, 6 months old
    • Rabies vaccination required
    • All trail adventures are on leash and harnessed
$40/ Trail Adventure
Sibling Plan: $38/ Trail Adventure