Questions & Answers

How do I prepare for my first pool session and beyond my initial pool session?

  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time
  • Make sure your dog has ample time to use the bathroom prior to their session
  • Make sure your dog has been brushed and has had a recent nail trim
  • Bring a towel to each session
  • Bring your pet’s favorite swim toys or snacks
  • We recommend owner’s wear appropriate nonslip shoes while in the building
  • When booking an initial session online please provide your pet’s name, breed, and age during booking

Do all of my pets need to start with an initial session, even if they know how to swim?

Yes, this session allows us to get to know your dog and introduce them to our pools. Each new pet will need the scheduled initial new pet session to ensure they can adjust and safely swim in our pools.

How will it be determined if my dog is a free swim or an assisted swim?

A staff member will determine whether your pet is an assisted or a free swim after the initial session moving forward. Usually, dogs need 2-3 assisted swims prior to moving to a free swim. Older dogs and less confident dogs may always need to be assisted if they are unable to swim freely on their own.

Do I need to bring a life vest or are they provided?

We provide life vests and will properly fit your dog in the correctly fitted vest. You may bring your own vest but please make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned if used previously in other bodies of water. 

Can I use the wash off station?

Yes, we would love for you to use the wash off station. The wash off station must be used within your purchased time. If your dog uses the entire 30 minutes for the pool room, we recommend booking 1-hour sessions in the future to allow for enough time for both.

What is the cancellation policy & fee?

I agree that payment is due in full at time of visit. All appointments require at least 24-hour notice of cancellation; this allows us to potentially fill that appointment time. There will be no charge for the first cancellation that occurs less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Subsequent cancellations that are less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment will be invoiced or charged to the client dependent on length of session missed or cancelled. For 30-minute sessions a fee of $35.00 will be invoiced or charged to the client. For 1-hour sessions a fee of $50.00 will be invoiced or charged to the client. ***The payment will be due prior to their next session. Cancellations for clients with a bundled package will result in a session deducted from their bundle.

How long should I expect my dog to swim?

After building up endurance in the pool, most young healthy dogs swim for up to 20 minutes. With each session you should expect your dog’s time in the water to increase. Your dog’s swim will be determined based on the age and activity level of your pet.

Can my dogs swim together? Or can my dog bring their friend?

Most definitely!! Once each dog has been introduced to the pool during their initial new pet session and are successful free swimmers, those 2 dogs can swim together

What happens if my dog poops in the pool?

Your dog will be immediately removed from the pool for the decontamination process to begin. Unfortunately, the session will then have to be rescheduled at your expense. An additional $55 fee will be charged as the pool will have to remain closed for 1-4 hours for the proper amount of water circulation to occur. 

Am I allowed on the pool ramps?

No, owners are not allowed on the ramps for insurance and safety purposes. A staff member will assist your dog on the ramps.

Can I swim with my dog?

No, owners are not allowed in the pool for insurance and safety purposes.

Can I book my rehabilitation sessions online?

No, rehab sessions will be booked in facility with a staff member.

What is the pre-surgery & post-surgery swim timeline?

Injury or post-surgery swims are dependent on the diagnosis of your pet. Please consult with your Veterinarian or our Rehabilitation Technician to discuss swimming options. Most dogs can greatly benefit from pre-surgery swims to maintain muscle mass and mobility prior to surgery. 

How will my dog dry off after their swim?

The owner will towel dry their dog off after their swim. We do not have a drying source. In the winter months we recommend having a jacket for your pet to wear post-swim.

When can my puppy start swim lessons?

Your puppy can start swim lessons as soon as they have completed all puppy series vaccinations.

Swim Descriptions

Assisted Swims:
Geriatric dogs requiring staff assistance (neuropathy issues, walking disabilities, muscle loss) or less confident swimmers. Help getting in and out of the pool

  • Building confidence
  • Learning to swim: Puppy/ adult dog
  • Dogs with mobility issues
  • Recovered from surgery or injury

Conditioning for Fitness, & Weight Loss Swim:
Program specific routine for working dogs, very active dogs, or fitness building for weight loss with weekly weigh-ins

  • Muscle tone
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing stamina

Free Swims:
Confident swimmers, great for dogs to release their energy and have fun at the same time. We have fun toys to motivate and make the whole session fun and exciting!